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This is US

Words from the wife: Hi! My name is Jessica and I wanted to tell you a few things about this wonderful husband of mine. We have been on too many adventures to count. Every day is an adventure with Alex! He finds joy in the littlest things and is the biggest, cutest goofball I have ever met! He speaks in Disney quotes, and loves gummy bears. He goes the extra mile to help. He’s generous and kind and really really funny! He loves dad jokes too. As a photographer (I must say I am a bit biased) he takes, not pictures, but stories with his camera. He’s able to capture beautiful details and beautiful moments. He’ll go above and beyond to make sure to capture the important details of your special day. I’ve seen it many many times. He’s run through the rain, and laid down in the mud, braved the freezing cold, and had many outdoor weddings in the August heat. But he loves it!!! It makes him so happy to share those moments with two people who have gone through many things to be together and to help the day run as smoothly as possible. I really hope we’ll get to meet soon and talk about your big day and how we can help make it one of the happiest moments of your life! See you soon!



This is me. So this picture was taken at the end of a long trip around the world as we stopped in Iceland. So I was on little sleep, burnt from Spain, but as always, Jess always makes me smile. She’s the love of my life!

Some of my favorite things

My beautiful wife! (of course)
Pizza, Burgers, Enchiladas, Tacos, Food
The Ocean
Seals (also found at the ocean)
Sipping on hot chocolate (Abuelita)
Ranch dressing… also food
Exploring new places
Meeting new people
My family which is in California
Bath and Body Works Candles
Jurassic Park Movies
Roller Coasters
Super Smash Bros.


Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful?!?!? She’s the most adventurous partner in crime that I could’ve ever asked for.

Some of her favorite things

Her amazing husband! Lol
The color yellow
Chocolate desserts
Staying up late for a good book
Being around campfires
Coca Cola
Fried Chicken!!!
Family & Friends
Capturing moments on camera
Going to the movies
This is Us
Corgi Bubble Butts