Michele & Ervin | Chilly Fall Wedding in Monett, MO

Michele & Ervin

October 28th 2017 | Monett City Park | Monett, MO

    When these two told me that they were going to be getting married in October, I was so thrilled and excited for the both of them. I always feel that is October is a great month to get married in this area. However, that week we learned that there was going to be a cold front on the day of their wedding. Either way, everyone was excited! We started the day with Michele getting ready at the reception location, which they had set up very beautifully. The dress was amazingly beautiful and it fit perfect! Now while she was still getting ready, I went over to the Kingdom Hall where the ceremony was going to be held. I ran into Ervin, who was super nervous about seeing his bride that morning. While he was getting ready, he had asked his parents and sister to help get him ready. Mom put on the bow tie, Dad put his jacket, and sister put on his boutonniere. Literally, everyone was crying in the back room while he's getting ready. It was soooo sweet! I was trying to hold back the tears!!! After he finished getting ready, we receive the call that Michele has arrived and its time for the ceremony to begin.

     Everyone was so excited to see her come down the aisle. Once again, this was one of those ceremonies where everyone was crying. Once they said their vows and first kiss, we were off to take pictures at the local park in the area, which had beautiful foliage on the trees. As I mentioned earlier, it was freezing outside!! Michele had bought this beautiful white shawl that went really well with her outfit, and everybody else had jackets and blankets with them for the pictures. After the family had their session, the bridal party partied and laughed it out during their pictures. We even had a gopher, who is not pictured here, but came and said hi to everybody and then ran away. 

     Finally, after the bridal party left, it was just Ervin and Michele. They toughed it out through all the cold wind! They were mainly excited about finally being married. They were gorgeously lit by a beautiful sun and orange trees! I was thrilled about it! After we were almost frostbitten, we headed to their reception where they danced the night away and had delicious cake and desserts! So much fun!

Alex Villar