Eunice & Dilmer | Stroll Through Loose Park in Kansas City, KS

Eunice & Dilmer

June 28, 2017 | Loose Park | Kansas City, KS

     I've known Eunice & Dilmer for a long time. Actually, my sister was their wedding photographer and I was just her assistant back then. Now speed up time, and I'm the one taking their pictures. It felt like a full circle for me. BUT, enough about me! It seems that these two were just as in love now as they were on their wedding day. We went to Loose Park, where they had their first look on their wedding day. I'm telling you guys, it was FULL CIRCLE! They couldn't stop giggling or smiling at each other. I wish we had parks like these in Arkansas, because it was beautiful everywhere around there. And even though there were people doing their own thing, these two stood out from the rest and felt like they had the whole park to themselves. Congrats on your Anniversary you two! We hope there are many more to come!

P.S: A lot of things happened at this park while we were there. We witnessed several weddings. The world's fastest proposal, and I mean it was so fast I thought it was fake. Didn't even have time to pull out my camera or anything. And towards the end of the night, there was a couple who were being "inappropriate" in a park full of people including CHILDREN! Needless to say, it was very eventful. lol