Bianca & Baldo | Tanyard Creek Falls and Fields

Bianca & Baldo

August 24, 2017 | Tanyard Creek | Bella Vista, AR

     We had a blast spending the evening with these two, as always! We traveled up to Bella Vista, which is like 15 minutes away from Bentonville, and went to Tanyard Creek. It's always beautiful in that area. The water was a little low, but there was still a nice waterfall. However, although the scenery was nice, seeing these two being goofy and all lovey dovey was where the real beauty was at. With lots of reminiscing on their 3 years of marriage, laughs at past experiences, and hope for the future, their love for one another continues to shine. Thanks for trusting us to go hiking around the areas, and running back to our cars! *thats a story for another time*

Alex Villar