Carmen & Oscar | Surprise Anniversary in Bentonville

Carmen & Oscar

September 9, 2017 | Field of Trees | Bentonville, AR

    This is one of those sessions that makes me happy to have been chosen as the photographer. Carmen and Oscar have been married for 27 years and their kids wanted to surprise them with a photo session to celebrate their anniversary. They are from Joplin, MO and their kids had told them that they were going to a party in Bentonville. They were in for a huge surprise when they saw me with my camera and when we met up at this beautiful tree field. They thought that the party was going to be in some nearby buildings, poor things. I told them we were going to have our own party! The cutest part if this session was seeing giggle and laugh each time I told them to go in for a kiss. SO CUTE! My face couldn't stop smiling the whole session. After the session, we had to have a party, since that's what they were told and we didn't want to lie. So everyone came over to our place and we celebrated with Pizza. Would do this all over again! Congrats on your anniversary you two!

Alex Villaranniversary, Bentonville