5 Wedding Time Savers

When planning your wedding timeline, it can be a little overwhelming to think about all the details. At what time do we start getting ready? When will the flowers get there? How will we keep the guests entertained? Where is the cake? We’ve only booked the photographer for so many hours, will that be enough time? Phew! Deep breaths! Everything will work out fine. Every photographer has tips on what to do to make the day go smoothly. In my experience, these are some things that, not only have they made the day run more smoothly, but have saved time, and your photographer will thank you for it!

1. All the Details

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On the day of, you will be busy getting your hair and makeup done, eating chocolate covered strawberries, while drinking some mimosas with all your friends. It’s at this time when your photographer will show up to take all the getting ready pics. As photographers, we love to get all the details that you have! From the jewelry, your shoes, invitation suite, and of course the dress. However, if you’re getting all dolled up, it’s no fun having someone ask you where all those items are. I always suggest having all those items out and ready in one spot. That way the photographer can take them and get them all photographed. You’d be surprised on how much time this actually saves. However, another option that you can think about is booking a second shooter with your photographer. Having a second shooter allows your photographer to focus on you, and all the moments surrounding you. The second shooter will cover additional angles to important parts but also focuses on capturing all the gorgeous details as well. Time saver for sure and more pictures!

2. First Looks

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Ok, so I’ll admit that I am a sucker for first looks because they are amazing!!! It’s a special moment for just the two of you. So how is a first look time saving? Without a first look, the ceremony has to be done first. None of the formal family portraits or bridal party pictures can be done. So if your ceremony starts at 3 and your reception starts at 5, it doesn't leave you with too much time in between to get family portraits, bridal party, and pics of just the 2 of you. However, if you choose to have a first look, not only will you get rid of most of the nerves, but you’ll have time to take all the formal portraits before the ceremony even starts. So when it comes to actually walking down the aisle, you’ll be able to just focus on the both of you, and when it ends, no stress of having to take all the formal portraits. Just pics of you two with that “just married” feeling.

3.List of Family Members

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No matter how big or small, we’ve all got family! Although we love our families with ALL OUR HEARTS, for some reason, this is the part of the day that becomes the most stressful. People tend to get a little impatient when things become unorganized. So to ease the stress and save some time, I encourage all of my couples to make a list of all the groups of family members they are wanting in the photos (father with bride, mother with bride, etc.). On the day of, give that list to someone you trust. That way the photographer can work with them. I usually will have my couples stand in one spot, and then work with their assigned person to call out all the members on the list. Everything goes smoothly and saves A LOT of time!

4. Cocktail Hour - or something like that

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How is this timesaving? This just sounds more expensive! That’s why I said “cocktail hour - or something like that". It doesn't need to be super elaborate, but I don’t know many guests that like to wait long while the couple is out taking pictures. So I feel that this is a way to make the guests not even realize that time is passing. It can be anything from having a bar, some small things to snack on, some games to be played, or even a photo booth. That way you can relax while you’re having your pictures taken, and not having to worry about if your guests are hangry or cranky.

5. Faux Send Off

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Alex Villar