The 7 Best Places for Engagement Pictures in Arkansas

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Woop woop! I’m sure that you’ve already started pinning things on Pinterest to make your wedding day as perfect as you’d like. Are you getting married in Arkansas? You’re probably already looking into all the needed vendors. You find your wedding venue, and then your photographer! Now, one of the big decisions, where to do your engagement shoot? I used to believe that all the beautiful locations were in other states, but Arkansas provides so many neat and BEAUTIFUL places! It’s the Natural State and it does NOT disappoint! If you already have a dream location in mind, let your photographer know, whether it’s me or someone else. Or if you know of a place not on this list, I’d love to explore some more! In the meantime, these are some of my favorite spots.

1. Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista, AR


Tanyard Creek is a beautiful area with many bluffs, trees, a trail that takes you to a lake at the top, streams, and of course, the waterfall! I love coming here, because it’s very peaceful, it’s close to home, and it provides many adventurous trails that aren’t too strenuous. However, I will say in one spot, there is a sulphur spring which smells like rotten eggs, but that’s the beauty of nature! No matter at what time of year you come here, you’re bound to get some beautiful scenery.

2. Petit jean state park


Ok let me just brag about how BEAUTIFUL this place is!!! It’s the adventurous couples playground. That doesn’t mean if you don’t like hiking you can’t come here. There are many spots that don’t require a strenuous hike, but give you this amazing view. However, if you like to get up and hike, climb, maybe get a little dirty, you’ll get to some phenomenal views that make the work out worth it. Also, sunsets here are drop dead gorgeous! If this location is a little further away from you, it’s worth the trip, and especially for your photos! Your photographer will love you! Or at least I will…

3. Downtown Rogers, AR


Are you looking for someplace that has some unique and older buildings? Vintage vibes? Then Downtown Rogers is the perfect place! I just love the look of all the older buildings, but Rogers has become more modern as well. Lots of murals and artwork around, a train station, a remodeled historic museum, and even the roads are made of old bricks. Oh! I forgot to mention some of my favorite places to eat are there as well. Does it get any better than roaming the streets and having amazing food? I’m hungry just thinking about it.

4. Winslow, AR


Found this little gem one time I was headed to Devil’s Den, another amazing location. We didn’t have time to go all the way there, and this spot happened to be right off the road. I was soooo happy! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Especially during golden hour, it’s just unbelievable. As I mentioned, it is off the main road, so there are some cars passing by. Which means, DON’T GET RUN OVER! As long as you park safely, and out of the way, I highly recommend this place!

5. Devil’s den state park


Devil’s Den State Park has so much to offer as well! In one spot there is a dam, which has an enormous waterfall! There are creeks, rivers, and trails to hike on. For example, the Yellowhead trail takes you to a beautiful overlook of the area. It does require a 20-30 minute hike to get to though. So take water bottles, snacks, play some music, and enjoy all the other beautiful spots on the way up. And once you get there, enjoy the view!!! Another perfect location for the inner adventurers!

6. Mount Magazine state park


Mt. Magazine…. So stunning! Now don’t let these pictures fool you. The fog had rolled in on us this day, but behind all of it, is a gorgeous view of rolling hills and mountains! Yes, right behind all those rocks, is a drop off to jaw-dropping scenery. Once you drive here, there are many places to walk out and explore, and there are many walking trails to go on as well. If you don’t want to hike too much though, many of these spots are right off of the main road there. This has so many spots that are perfect for elopements too, if that’s what you’re thinking. But, hey, I know we’re talking about engagement photos, which are just as beautiful. :)



Ok. Ok. So technically this is in Oklahoma, but it’s like 10 minutes from Siloam Springs, AR. However, look at how gorgeous these falls are!!! It’s like being transported from Oklahoma to Hawaii. Here are a couple of things to know about this place. They do have a small fee to enter, but it covers you for the whole day. To get to these falls, there are a lot of stairs going down to them. Not so bad going down, but just remember coming back up. :) The surrounding areas of the park are just as beautiful and unique to the area, if you feel like it may be too much. But, it’s totally worth the walk down.


There are so many unique places in this area, and I’m sure I’ll continue to look out for more. However, the location is just a part of the engagement session. The real focus will always be YOU! The location is just an accessory for your pictures. Never be afraid to ask your photographer questions about a specific location. Sometimes the lighting is different during other parts of the day. So make sure to come up with a great schedule, with your photographer, to make the most of the session. Hopefully, this was able to help give some additional ideas on where to have your engagement session. If you haven’t found a photographer already, I’d love to chat! I always offer a free consultation regardless. We can chat over coffee and plan out your engagement shoot at one of these amazing locations, or explore and find a new one!