Pamela & Rocky | Cozy Downtown Rogers, AR Engagement

Pamela & Rocky

January 15th, 2018 | Downtown & The Dandy Roll | Rogers, AR

     Rocky is from Tulsa, and had driven down to for the weekend to take pictures. However, what we weren't planning for was SNOW! Came out of nowhere! Originally we had planned to take pictures outdoors in a state park, but we had to get creative. We ended up stopping in to The Dandy Roll to start the session since their store has sooo many beautiful things and neat atmosphere. I mean, they had arranged a beautiful sculpture of papers in their windows! Definitely check them out.

    Ok, back to these two amazing people. Pamela and Rocky have so many crazy stories, including one about how he decorated his whole apartment into maze to scare her. After cuddling and cozying up indoors, we decided to go outside and brave the cold winds. Downtown Rogers has such a neat vibe in comparison to other places in our area. Super chill but very industrial. Regardless of the wind, not feeling our fingers, some snow on the ground, and some nice hot chocolate, the love between them is one of a kind, and I can't wait for their summer wedding! Congrats guys!

Alex Villar