Pamela & Rocky | Botanical Inspired Fayetteville Wedding

Pamela & Rocky

June 4, 2018 | The Garden Room| Fayetteville, AR

      I couldn't wait to arrive at the Garden Room in Fayetteville, AR for this wedding. I knew that Pamela had a huge interest in plants, and what better place to have their wedding than a gorgeous venue surrounded by greenery and foliage. Rocky and Pamela made sure to get all their details perfect, from hand dying all their name cards, growing individual terrariums for their centerpieces, Rocky’s parents making the cakes, to bringing in a projector to play video games on.

There were many beautiful moments in this wedding. Although, one of my absolute favorite moments was their unity ceremony. They had sealed part of a canvas with waterproof paint in the shape of a heart, and were going to paint using watercolor paints, which would highlight the heart. However, once the moment came to paint, there was no water in the bottles. This proceeded to squirt out really thick paint, which did not have the same effect. Everyone was laughing as the officiant mentioned “Sometimes in life, things don’t go as planned, like this painting, but the most important thing is who you have with you.”

After they played Super Smash Brothers, and Just Dance, they were sent off through clouds of bubbles. We headed through the streets of Fayetteville and found spots along the way to take pictures. Dixon street provides character that’s unique to Arkansas. In the end, I couldn’t be more happy to have been there for the both of them.

Alex Villar