Romantic Floral Shoot at Hawksbill Crag

Ok. This is a long one. So you know when you have something planned, but it doesn’t go according to plan? That is exactly what happened on this shoot, but let me tell you why it was soooo amazing that it turned out that way.

It all started in Rogers, AR at 4am. You see the plan was to drive out to Hawksbill Crag in Arkansas to arrive in time for the sunrise at the top of that epic location. I was going to meet my photographer friend, Jazmin Andrade, and model, Morgan Norvell, down in Fayetteville. I decided I would play it safe and get some gas in my truck before I made the trip down… This is where it gets fun! My truck DIED! At 4am! This was a for sure sign that things were going to be interesting. Thankfully, I managed to get a ride from Jazmin, who was close by, and then we met up with Morgan.

We drove about an hour away towards Hawksbill Crag and everything was smooth sailing. We arrive on time, park the car, and we start carrying all the items we need for the shoot. This includes the dress from Tesori Bridal, the flowers from Fleurish NWA, and a couple of other miscellaneous items. We start walking on one of the trails that takes you out to the overlook, but 10 minutes into the hike, the trail just DISAPPEARS! We look in all sorts of directions for where the trail could continue, but there’s nothing in sight. Other than poison ivy all over the place. Remember, the reason we were trying to get here early is because the morning light at the overlook is beautiful at that time. This is where we had to make a decision. Do we keep attempting to find the trail? Or do we turn back around and make best of the situation? After a couple minutes of talking, we made a decision.

We decided to head back to the car and drive around to find unique spots to start our shoot. Although I had something different in my mind, it gave us a chance to get creative and really think outside the box. One of the many reasons I love photography is being able to create wonderful images in the most unexpected of places. Our first stop was the road we were driving on. The beautiful morning light we were looking for kept peeking behind the tree tops and was too good to resist. We pulled over and started there. After a while, we passed a farm that had an old tractor outside as a decoration. Of course we used that! Then we passed a wooded area and took some shots in there as well. The adrenaline was pumping as we kept driving and stopping everywhere. Needless to say, we had a BLAST!

What’s the moral of this story? That as photographers, we are prepared for the unexpected. If on your wedding day it starts raining, things are delayed, the cake falls over, or etc., it will be ok. It may not be what you expected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get gorgeous moments out of it. Sometimes the best things are the unexpected ones. No matter what happens, as a photographer, it’s our job to make sure that you have a great time on your wedding day! We will work around the unexpected and make the most of it! We are adaptable!

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Bentonville-Rogers area that’s ready for what’s to come, then just reach out to me. We’ll talk about a plan, but really, who knows what’ll happen! Either way, we’ll have fun! :)


Dress: Tiadora from Tesori Bridal
Jewelry: Tesori Bridal
Flowers: Fleurish NWA
Invitation: Alex Villar
Vintage Print: Dandy Roll
Model: Morgan Norvell
Assistant: Jazmin Andrade