Wedding planning can be stressful, but I don't want you to stress about the photography. It's a very special day, and I want you to be able to spend time with your family and friends without having to worry.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions. I'll be able to send you pricing, availability, and set up a time to get to know you more in person. I want your pictures to reflect your personalities! Each couple is different, and I LOVE that!

Local Wedding Coverage begins at $2000

Elopements begin at $1000

Couples sessions begin at $300



What makes you guys different from other photographers?

Each couple has their own story. What makes them unique. And in this day and age, the time of social media, it gets harder and harder to resist the temptation to fit in and follow the norm. However, the couples we love to work with are truly themselves. The Pokemon loving, lantern lighting, “its morphin’ time” cheering, adventure seeking couples. Each couple is unique, and we enjoy being a part of their special journey. So whether we are photoshopping a t-rex in the back of your bridal pictures (yes its happened), having a family session with you and your adorable corgis (yes we LOVED it), or crying with you as you reminisce on those you wish could have been there (the tears were REAL), we are with you through it all.

Do you travel for weddings?

Of course! Traveling these days is a lot easier, and a lot cheaper than you'd expect. Even we get surprised sometimes! Mainly, we want to be there for you guys! And who doesn't love cake!?!?

Do you both come to all weddings?

Normally Jess loves to come along and assist me throughout the day. She’s literally every brides best friend on the day of! She’ll usually have her camera with her, as she also loves to take pics. However, sometimes she isn’t able to make it, but don’t worry I got you covered! I’ve worked weddings by myself and am very comfortable with that as well.

Why should I get a second shooter?

There are so many details and moments at each wedding, and as the lead photographer, I always strive to get everything. However, having a second photographer allows me to dedicate all my time to the both of you and your families while they capture additional details. Also, you’ll have another point of view of all those special and important moments.

How and when do we pay?

All I need is a 25% retainer and a signed contract. The rest will be split into 2 equal payments. One midway and one 2 weeks prior to wedding day. You can use cash, check, credit card, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, giving away your first born, etc.

How do we receive our photos?

We have different packages that come with unique gifts. You will always get your copies digitally that are delivered on a glass USB. However, we also offer linen print boxes and luxury albums which are amazing ways to reflect on your wedding day.

How many images does this include?

For weddings, normally between 400-1000 digital images. Each wedding is so unique, meaning different amounts of pictures. Smaller sessions such as engagements, portraits, or family sessions include anywhere from 60-150.

Do you need a shot list?

Nope. I love to capture the day as it is in a unique way.