This is me…

To me, there’s nothing like finding your best friend and knowing you want to spend the rest of your life with them. I can attest to that, because when I got married, I knew that I needed this person in my life forever. She understood all my corny jokes, or put up with them, we laugh together, we cry together, and I can’t get over how much I love her. She’s my wife and best friend. I love you Jessica!

Some couples are more quiet and intimate, while some are more wild and adventurous, but as human beings, when we look at the person we love, the expression is the same for everyone. It’s priceless. That’s what I love to focus on. It’s not about the stiff posing and “smile… look at the camera.” It’s about how when you turn and look at this one person you can’t help but smile.

I strive to document the giggles, the outbursts of laughter, the soft touches, the tears, the joy, and all the moments in between. The day passes by so quickly, but my goal is for you to look back, and not just remember what everything looked like, but remember what it felt like. Moments to be cherished forever!


…but seriously… this is the real me.